Kids Dentistry
The first set of teeth, the primary teeth, is important for your child.

Strong and healthy primary teeth help your child in eating well, to speak clearly and look good. Also, your child's general well-being can be affected if diseased and broken primary teeth are not treated early. They also hold the spaces for permanent teeth to erupt into good positions.

Ideally, it is best to take your child to see the dentist and hygienist when your child is between age of 6-12 months or when the first tooth erupted. This allows the dentist and hygienist to prevent and anticipate problems rather than treat them. In addition, they can assess your child's caries risk, identify adverse habits like thumb sucking and monitor the stages of the teeth eruption.

For some children, certain orthodontic problems can benefit from early kids functional therapy. See “Kids Functional”enlightened under Smile Dentistry page.

Taking your child to see the dentist and hygienist regularly can prevent serious disease. Generally, it is recommended that children visit the dental clinic every six months. As each child dental needs may differ, your dentist and hygienist may suggest a customised schedule for your child if needs to. Regular dental visits can save time, money and your child's teeth.

It is important that the first dental visit is fun and not anxiety-producing. Going to the dental clinic only when the child has problems does not allow this.

  • Make the first dental visit is to resolve dental pain or problem
  • Use dental visit as example of punishment to discipline your child
  • Let your own dental fears affect your child
  • Tell them scary stories about dental visits
  • Inform the dental staff that this is your child first visit when making appointment and highlight any special needs or attention needed.
  • Be a role model to your child in terms of dental behaviour, diet and oral hygiene
  • Be with your child at least for the first visit instead of relegating this to relatives and caregivers

At OrthoSmile™, our dentist and hygienist welcome and treats kids of all ages. To know more about the work of dental hygienist, please see "Care Dentistry FAQ" under USEFUL INFORMATION page. There are no hidden extras or unexpected additions when you come to pay. You can use your CHAS card dental subsidies too.

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